Events and Merchandise | Introduction

There’s only one chance to make a first impression, and for many consumers and businesses, their introduction to our brand often happens at events. Consider the following guidelines when showcasing the brand or ordering any branded merchandise for an event to ensure it’s on brand.

Events | Planning

Remember that you are creating brand perception when displaying at an event. 

Consult First

When planning an event, especially if we are exhibiting in a partner booth, consult with the brand team.

Branded Items | Types of Items

Items like mouse pads, screen cleaners, USB drives, or other computer-related gifts are all great choices for Crucial-branded merchandise. 

Avoid inappropriate items or items unrelated to our industry, like weapons.

Crucial branded items

Branded Items | Colors

Branded items come in a variety of colors. and options, but please take note of these rules for the best brand representation.

Neutrals are safe

Neutrals are the safest choice when selecting itemssuch as shirts, hats, pens, or other giveaways.  Our reversed white logo will look best on darker colored items. The dark blue logo will look best on white or light gray items.

Use caution with Blue

While blue is in our color palette, there are several shades of blue and it's unlikely that you'll find a perfect match. Unless you're positive that it matches (or have received approval from the brand team), please avoid using items with unapproved colors.

Royal blue and maroon shirts

Please Avoid

Do not use a blue that does not match either the Crucial Dark Blue or Crucial Blue.  Any colors outside our primary or accent color palette such as red, orange, purple, etc. 

two collared shirts

First Choice

Any gray, white or very dark blue that matches the Dark Blue in our color palette.

Black and Crucial blue colored shirts

Second Choice

Black or a good match of the Crucial Blue color are also an acceptable choice.

Branded Items | Logo Guidelines

Our logo is our most important visual asset and it communicates most effectively when it's used consistently and prominently.

Logo Scale

Bigger isn't always better. Even though the print area might be five inches on an item, the logo will look more professional if presented at a proportional size. A good rule of thumb is approximately one third the size of the area.

If you have issues with reproducing the "by Micron" or TM/ ®, please consult with the brand team.

Logo Color

For branded merchandise, a one-color white, gray, black, or Crucial Dark Blue logo is best.

Never print the logo in Crucial Blue, green, or any other color. The two-color black with Crucial Blue comet should no longer be used. 

Two Crucial branded water bottles

This vertical layout of the logo provides a nice balanced scale. 

The gray logo on white bottle also creates a nice overall design over a high-contrast black logo. 

Two incorrectly branded water bottles

Even though the print area is large, filling it with the logo does not usually create the most pleasing design.

Similarly, too small of a logo makes the design awkward.