Font | Primary Typeface

Font is a subtle yet important part of our brand's identity. It helps provide consistency and style to the overall visual design.

 Due to licensing regulations, each user is required to obtain his or her own font license.

Primary typeface - DIN 2014

DIN 2014 - Primary Typeface

Use for all applications unless otherwise specified.

Where to get this font

DIN 2014 is available free with Adobe CC subscription through Adobe Fonts. If you do not have Adobe CC, FF DIN can be purchased at any major font provider.

Primary font - all letters

Font | Alternative Typeface

In some cases, Barlow may be used when DIN 2014 is not available.

Alternative typeface - Barlow

Barlow - Free Alternative

Barlow is acceptable to use on the web, PowerPoint, or in documents.

Where to get this font

Barlow is available for free at

Primary font - all letters

Font | Symbol-based Typeface

For collateral with symbol-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

symbols based typeface - Noto Sans

Noto Sans - Primary
Symbol-based Typeface

Noto Sans is our primary typeface for symbol-based languages.

Where to get this font

Noto Sans is available for free at

symbol-based font - all letters

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