Photography | General Principles

Consider the Audience

Crucial is a global company and our photography should reflect that. Be mindful of who will be seeing our content and ensure that it is relevant to the audience. 

Factors such as age-range, culture, lifestyle, country, profession, and hobbies, among many others, should be considered when selecting imagery. 

couple looking at computer

Support a Key Message

A photograph always communicates something. When used in marketing, it should support an intended message, whether in an ad, flyer, or infographic.

female coworkers talking

Images should be slightly cool with a subtle desaturation. 

man installing hardware


man installing hardware



Images should appear natural and relaxed, not posed or stiff.

dad and daughter playing in a light and airy home
bored siblings with forced smiles in dingy room


Avoid images where people, technology, or environment appear dated, uninspired, and uncomfortable.

Lively students actively operating a 3D printer
Two teens posing awkwardly behind a 3D printer


Avoid improbable, exagerated, and staged images that do not seem genuine.

couple looking at computer
couple looking at computer


Our products are primarily used in desktop, laptop and gaming computers.

Avoid overusing imagery or people using technology not relevant to Crucial products, such as tablets, smart phones, etc.

couple looking at computer
couple looking at computer

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